Manager of Project Development Services

Angela van den Hout

Angela is Cree-Métis, and the daughter of a Residential School survivor. With a core purpose to serve Indigenous communities through their unique economic development initiatives, she has spent over 25 years developing the economies of Indigenous Nations with a goal of community and environmental prosperity. Angela studied Geography, Environment and Sustainability and executive MBA studies at the University of British Columbia. She is a lifelong learner of both academics and traditional and cultural knowledge passed on through her family.

Angela bridges communication between organizations and Indigenous groups, developing strategy for profitable projects across a variety of sectors. From foundational corporate governance through to execution of large-scale economic development ventures including both Indigenous and non-Indigenous stakeholders, Angela is able to bring to fruition projects of any size, ensuring sustainable planning and development, optimized operations, and long-term profitability. Applying an Indigenous worldview to all of her work, Angela solely focuses on projects that support Indigenous economic growth while maintaining foundational, mandatory respect for the Lands, its resources, and its People.