(Thunderchild First Nation)

Councillor Savana Walkingbear

Savana (Sav) Walkingbear (Cree) is a proud Citzen of Thunderchild First Nation in the traditional Treaty Six Territory.

Savana was raised traditionally on the reserve Thunderchild First Nation with an Indigenous worldview of our ancestral cultural ceremonies, hunting, fishing, snaring, singing, dancing and with a strong sense of connection with Mother Nature.

Savana is the lead singer of a cultural drum group called Young Thunder and was initiated at the Thunderchild First Nation Pow Wow in 2004 and continue to sing and perform together with their sons and nephews.

Savana is the son of Bernadine & Winston Walkingbear, the great grandson of WW2 veteran and former Chief late George Horse.

Savana successfully completed a trail blazing six consecutive years in post-secondary as an elite student athlete accomplishing a 5X Conference All Star, CCAA All-Canadian, 2X PAC-WEST Provincial Championships and a CCAA National Tournament All-Star Team.

Savana moved back home to Thunderchild after completing his outstanding athletic and academic career and was asked by his elder mentor to be nominated as a leader and mentioning “it’s your time to be a voice for our people, community and nation”.

Savana Walkingbear is honoured to be the youngest elected band councillor and a proud father of two children representing our young leaders and future generations to be proud of who you are and where you come.

Savana is a proud member and representative of the the First Nations Major Projects Coalition and extremely honoured to serve as a Board of Director with an amazing team of leaders and mentors.