OUR MEMBERS Our members have given the FNMPC a mandate to be a non-political and business focused organization. With over 130 First Nations as members, our membership continues to grow.

Our Member’s Map

The First Nations Major Projects Coalition (“FNMPC”) is an organization run by First Nations – for First Nations

How to become a member of FNMPC

Requesting membership in the First Nations Major Projects Coalition is an easy process!  FNMPC’s Bylaws enable the organization to accept membership from Indian Act Bands, Hereditary Leadership Groups, Tribal Councils, and First Nation owned development corporations. To apply for membership, download the resolution template from this website. A resolution signed by a quorum from one of the eligible groups under the FNMPC bylaws is all that is required.  Please forward the completed resolution to the attention of the FNMPC Executive Director at [email protected]

There are no membership fees associated with membership in the FNMPC.