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Who are we & what we do

FNMPC is a national non-profit organization established by First Nations for First Nations. Under our broad mandate, FNMPC provides our First Nation members with access to tools, knowledge, and advice used to make free, prior, and informed business decisions about First Nation involvement and participation in major natural resource and infrastructure projects. Our services focus on supporting the economic, environmental, and public policy interests of our members in a non-political and business focused way.

Upcoming Events

The 7th Annual FNMPC Conference

Our Collective Advantage: Indigenous Consent

On April 22-23, 2024, discover North America’s collective advantage: Indigenous consent, how it is being achieved, and where the potential is.

Tools & Resources

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“Our work in supporting our 144 First Nations members in exploring equity ownership of major projects across Canada is having a measurable impact on Indigenous self-determination on Turtle Island.

What is most important to our work, and what FNMPC is driven by, is supporting our First Nations members. For far too long, Indigenous nations in Canada – such as my own Fort Nelson First Nation – have been excluded from economic development on our lands and waters.

However, I can see firsthand in my role as chair that we are turning a new leaf in Canada, which the FNMPC is playing a role in.”

Chief Sharleen Gale, Chair, FNMPC

Sustaining partners

Sustaining Partners furthers FNMPC’s ability to advance relationships between its members and the private sector on issues of mutual interest.