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Become a Member Community or Organization

Under the present FNMPC Bylaws, membership applications and admission are open to Indian Act Bands, Hereditary Leadership Groups, Tribal Councils, and First Nation-owned development corporations. 

*Individuals or First Nation owned businesses are not admissible under the current mandate.


membership Benefits

In addition to our project services and membership being free:

Sphere of Influence

As a member, you’ll gain access to connect with other First Nations members with similar outlooks, interests, and project ideas. Additional network membership within federal and provincial governments, and external industry partners, when needed or advice on funding opportunities

Library of Resources

Environment toolkits and Capital Market series, papers, and information on sectors like electrification, among others.

Access to FNMPC Events

This includes the annual FNMPC conference, AGM, networking receptions, webinars, lunch-and-learns held throughout the year

Thought Leadership

Invitations and participation in innovative roundtables on emerging sectors where First Nations should have a prominent role 

How to Become a Member

1. Eligibility

Any representative or member of the following groups are eligible to apply (as outlined in the FNMPC’s Bylaws):

  • Indian Act Bands, 
  • Hereditary Leadership Groups, 
  • Tribal Councils, and 
  • First Nation-owned development corporations.

Note: individuals and businesses are not able to join as members under the current mandate.

2. Fill out the Intake Form Below


We will issue you a resolution template to be signed by a quorum from one of the eligible groups under the FNMPC bylaws is all that is required.

4. Forward the completed resolution

Forward to the attention of the FNMPC Executive Director.

Become a Member

Be a part of 140+ nations working together.