FNMPC members recognize that we are stronger together.

FNMPC is a national non-profit organization established by First Nations for First Nations. Our business capacity services are provided free of charge to our First Nation membership.

Our Story

The First Nations Major Project Coalition is a national 145+ collective group of First Nations made up of elected councils, hereditary Chiefs, Tribal Councils and Development Corporations, who have made the decision to come together to advance our shared interests of participating, and where appropriate gaining equity positions in the major projects taking place in our territories.

At the Coalition, we believe that economic opportunities must go hand in hand with environmental stewardship which is why we also provide technical support to First Nations in conducting impact assessments and environmental reviews in accordance with their laws and values. We are paving the way for a brighter future in this country – one that will bring about positive outcomes in terms of Indigenous peoples having a greater role in the economy and in terms of the environmental legacies we will leave for the enjoyment of our future generations.

OUR Vision

FNMPC members asserting influence while guiding and participating as full partners in the development and protection of our lands and territories.

OUR Mission

The FNMPC works to safeguard our air, land, water, and medicine sources from the impacts of resource development; advocates that our members receive a fair share of benefits from projects undertaken in their traditional territories; and explore ownership opportunities of projects proposed in our members’ traditional territories.

Our Progress

FNMPC has grown from a concept established by First Nations leaders to a coalition of nations from coast to coast to coast, working towards the enhancement of the economic well-being of its members, understanding that a strong economy is reliant upon a healthy environment supported by vibrant cultures, languages, and expressions of traditional laws.


FNMPC’s project portfolio now exceeds a combined total capital cost of over $45 billion.


FNMPC is now active on 12 major projects located in three different areas of Canada.


The FNMPC is over 145 members strong and our membership continues to grow.


All members of FNMPC haves the opportunity to benefit from the best practices and lessons learned from these projects.

Strong Convening Power

FNMPC hosts over 1500 delegates annually for conferences that have become a premier forum for discussion between Indigenous nations, investors, governments, and civil society.


The majority of projects have an equity ownership component for First Nation investment.

Operating Principles

In the spirit of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Calls to Action, we collaborate with industry in the spirit and intent of #92 that calls upon the corporate sector in Canada to adopt the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples as a reconciliation framework and to apply its principles, norms, and standards to corporate policy and core operational activities involving Indigenous peoples and their lands and resources.


The FNMPC values our members’ decision-making authority on all matters.


The FNMPC values providing independent, neutral, non-political, trusted, and fact-based information to our members.


The FNMPC values being project and industry agnostic. FNMPC will not advocate for or against a particular industry or project.


The FNMPC values being project and industry agnostic. FNMPC will not advocate for or against a particular industry or project.


The FNMPC will not take a financial interest in the outcome of projects for which it becomes involved in at the request of its members.

Maximizing Value

The FNMPC supports our members by providing innovative approaches to overcome historical barriers that have precluded Indigenous people from our mainstream participation and influence in the economy.


The FNMPC believes that we are stronger together and benefit by increasing our leverage when we all come together towards a common objective.


The FNMPC does not take political positions, nor does it get involved in issues concerning Treaty rights, territorial boundaries, or issues of rights and title generally.

Our Logo

The First Nations Projects Coalition is pleased to share our new logo design by Indigenous artist, Johnny Ketlo III who is a member Nadleh Whut’en located in north central BC. The Nadleh Whut’en community is a member of the FNMPC.

When thinking about the vision of the Coalition, we wanted to evoke images of a healthy economy and a flourishing family. From the peak of the landscape mountain in the horizon it swooshes down into a valley and curves around a river bend or even the gentle waves on the timeless ocean shore. If you follow along the logo with your hand from the tip of the mountain down to the tip of the woman’s hair and back around up to the point just below the ‘C’ in “Coalition, it has the trajectory of the artist’s signature.

The man and the woman represent the sacred familial bond that is the fabric of First Nations heritage and culture. A healthy family dynamic is representative of a healthy and robust economy. The man’s face is hawkish and the feather implied but still very present. The woman is poised with a regal quality to signify how she carries herself with respect and confidence. Between them, there is a supportive and empowering union. Below her is a sort of oval plateau indicative of the land and valleys.

Traveling upward toward the summit of the mountain on the backside is an orca (i.e., the great hunter). As you sweep upward further there is a mighty eagle in the skysoaring over the highest peak and watching over everything below. If you look closely, you will get a sense of the eagle pumping its wings to achieve greater, and greater altitudes. The eagle represents the ancestors. It is a good omen. It means you are on the right path. You are protected and being watched over.